Unstable Ground, group exhibition

Unstable Ground is an exhibition that explores the ways that art can address climate change and inspire individual and communal action, and addresses themes of water, tides, flooding, climate change and changing coastal communities. The project is led by Corinna Wagner from The University of Exeter, as part of the NERC-supported project, Time and Tide: Art, Adaptation, ResilienceTime and Tide features Marcus Vergette’s bells along the coast of Devon and Cornwall, and we are very excited to have one of his bells to be coming to the gallery as part of the exhibition.

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13th August - 3rd September 2022
Unit 6 Takeover, group exhibition

Unit 6 is an artist studios in Barnstaple, and will be taking over Studio KIND. for two weeks in September to showcase everything their artists have been working on over the last couple of years. The affordable studios is a supportive community with the aim of mental health and wellness, whilst combating isolation; using art as a mechanism for self-exploration and self-expression.

James Young.jpg
10th - 24th September 2022
South West Printmaking Open 2022, open call

Calling all printmakers across the South West! We are looking for eclectic, exciting and compelling artists working across print in all forms to join us for our very first South West Printmaking Open at Studio KIND. Studio KIND. is known for its print studio at the front of the gallery, and what better way to celebrate all the fantastic work that is being made in printmaking across the South West than bringing some of our finest printmakers together under one roof? Find out how to apply below. 

open call-01.jpg
1st - 15th October 2022
On Skin, Yuko Edwards

On Skin is a response to the covid pandemic and the civil unrest that occurred in response to the murder of George Floyd by American police. During this time, while we sheltered in place, at least 6 million people are estimated to have died across the world from the corona virus. Many more people and loved ones faced unprecedented impact and harm as a result of infections and/or governmental restrictions put in place to combat the pandemic. The value of our bodies became clearer as did societal inequality. Racial and gender injustice also came into sharp focus.

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5th - 26th November 2022
North Devon Arts 2022 Christmas Exhibition 

Back by popular demand! North Devon Arts will be returning to Studio KIND. this winter for their third Christmas exhibition. North Devon Arts is a friendly and informal networking group of professional and amateur artists, including painters, sculptors, ceramicists, graphic designers, textile artists, writers, furniture makers, printmakers and stained glass artists. The Christmas exhibition is a brilliant way to support lots of local artists and makers, and you'll have a chance to purchase original artworks from all the wonderful members. 

5th - 18th December 2022
Past exhibitions
Money Talks: Penny Parlance, by QUIETBRITISHACCENT

QUIETBRITISHACCENT (QbA) is artist duo Sharon Gale and Jason Gale, who are based in Westward Ho! (Northern Devon). QbA work across print, textiles, painting, sign-writing and digital art, often using text and depictions of money to question the value of art and the limitations and abuse of language. Since 2015, QbA have become known for leaving hand painted messages on pre-decimal pennies stuck to walls (#pennydrops). The duo think of their pennies as individual, quiet voices in a loud environment.

16th July - 6th August 2022
Making Waves, Braunton Learning Cooperative Trust 

We’re excited to announce Making Waves, a pop-up exhibition by Braunton Learning Cooperative Trust. The exhibition is a collection of art made by students from Braunton Academy, Caen Primary School, Kingsacre Primary School, Southmead Primary School, Marwood Primary School and Georgeham Primary School, and a fantastic chance to celebrate the next generation of artistic talent from Braunton and surrounding villages. 

6th - 9th July 2022
Queen, North Devon Arts 

North Devon Arts are taking over Studio KIND. from 6th to 19th June for their summer exhibition, and this year they have chosen the theme 'Queen'. North Devon Arts members will respond to this one inspirational word, from monarchy and insects to chess pieces and rock bands. Artists at all stages of their creative journeys rise to the challenge of celebrating and interpreting one of the most universally understood hierarchical nouns in the English language.

6th - 19th June 2022
The Beasts Are Within Me and I Will Let Them Grow, 
Klaus is Koming

Klaus likes to straddle somewhere between adult mags and renaissance influences, putting the female form in the spotlight, and finding a balance of the crude and the nude. Early works of Klaus took great inspirations from adult mags of the 1970-90’s; analysing how the female form could be considered provocative with a turn of the head or a twist of a leg. ‘The Beasts Are Within Me and I will Let Them Grow’ is a collection of new large-scale paintings and works on paper that brings together these references.

30th April - 21st May 2022
Remembering Histories, Louise Hall

Louise Hall is a UK-based multi-disciplinary artist working in performance, print-making and sculpture. Louise’s work explores conversations on post-colonial ideas around the Black British experience in the UK and the diaspora, investigating the materiality of fabric and language to reflect social issues within the UK. Challenging concerns of colonial narrative and history, and the impact on education and other institutions of society, Louise uses non-violent imagery within her work to represent violent traumatic events with ties to plantations, colonial history and the transatlantic slave trade.

2nd April - 23rd April 2022
Political, Spiritual, Disaster: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens, 
Jack Hirons

Jack Hirons is returning to North Devon to present his Bone Black series, in its entirety, in his show, ‘Political, Spiritual, Disaster: Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens’ at Studio KIND. The body of work, which he started in 2017, is produced using a black paint made by the artist from chicken bones. By using this as his material for these monochrome paintings the audience experiences not only the depiction of chicken but also the presence within the artworks. In doing so his work becomes a dialogue between image and object, painting and sculpture.

5th – 26th March 2022
Locality, Ilfracombe Academy: pop-up

We are looking forward to hosting a photography exhibition by A-level and GCSE photography students from Ilfracombe Academy, showcasing an in-depth series of personal interpretations exploring the theme ‘locality’. Exploring this genre in both a physical and psychological sense, the students have taken inspiration from traditional and contemporary photographers including Jonathan Miller, Sebastian Magnani, Lee Friedlander, Joe Cornish and Joel Meyorwitz.

20th – 23rd February 2022
Transient Tales of the Teinter, George Rayner

George Rayner specialises in analogue black and white photographic printing; a methodical and deliberate process that reflects his visualisations. Developing the conventional analogue technique into one more ecologically sustainable and allowing nature to have a place within his work, he explores his relationship with the environment through materialistic allegory in quiet landscapes with a gentle humour. Transient Tales of the Teinter is the collaboration of two projects: ‘Hung out to Dry’ and ‘Coasting’, both based around environmental features and qualities of our landscape, which illustrates thoughts using material artefacts in transient moments.

29th January – 12th February 2022
Micro-Monumental, Mark Jessett

Mark Jessett is a painter working on paper and with acrylic paint, rarely using brushes. Overlaying paint in very fine films, his work explores the relationship between colour, surface texture, translucency and opacity. The feel of Mark’s work is guided by an appreciation for painting and illustration styles that he has have loved from a young age. His work is imbued with the flavour of magical imagery, folkloric artefacts, outdated presentations in local museums and representations of the esoteric. The exhibition showcases large-scale and micro paintings, including the 'token painting' series; a collection of 15cmx15cm miniatures. 

8th – 22nd January 2022
North Devon Arts 2021 Christmas Exhibition

We can't wait to welcome back North Devon Arts to Studio KIND. who will be showcasing lots of talented local artists. All work exhibited is available for sale. This Christmas, why not invest in some art and support your local creative community? There will also be prints and smaller works available. North Devon Arts is a friendly and informal networking group of professional and amateur artists, including painters, sculptors, ceramicists, graphic designers, textile artists, writers, furniture makers, printmakers and stained glass artists.


6th – 19th December 2021
A Cake of Painted Tin, Katy Richardson: KARST x Studio KIND.

This exhibition presents a body of new work exploring the experiences of writer Antonia White, with particular reference to her Frost in May quartet of novels. The novels describe White’s early life and young adulthood, including time spent in Bethlem Hospital for a psychosis which was attributed to schizophrenia at the time of her admittance (late 1922) but which might now be understood as a symptom of her probable manic depressive illness (Moran, 2018). A Cake of Painted Tin translates White’s experience into the bodies, voices and gestures of these women collaborators, creating echoes across the almost 100 years since her incarceration at Bethlem. 

5th – 27th November 2021
Our Natural World, The Park Community School: pop-up

Students from various different years groups at The Park Community School in Barnstaple will be coming together in ‘Our Natural World’ - an exhibition that explores, examines and celebrates the natural forms that are part of our everyday; whether it’s shells on the beach or plants in our house. The influence of the natural world are all around us. There will be work in a variety of mediums; from ceramic to print-making, and we can’t wait to welcome this new generation of artists to our space.

24th – 28th October 2021
Entwined, Mike Snudden and Nicolette McGuire

Entwined is a collaboration of shared space between Mike Snudden and Nicolette McGuire, both who use different approaches to explore common themes of memory, location, and materials. Mike and Nicolette met on the MA Fine Art at UWE in Bristol in 2013, and whilst on the surface the work appear to be very different in concept and outcome, the pieces offer a reminder of who we are and where we are going.

8th – 21st October 2021
Cathedral II, Peter Stiles: pop-up

During lockdown in 2021, Studio KIND. presented a solo exhibition of new works by local painter Peter Stiles as a virtual exhibition. This September, Peter will be returning to Studio KIND. with this magical body of work in the form of a pop-up exhibition so everyone has a chance to see the show in-person. His work is constructed using the layers of memory that have accrued around the places that he has painted so often. While much of his work is to do with a small section of North Devon’s coastline he also paints people. Recently he began a series of paintings about football which enabled him to tell stories.

24th - 28th September 2021
XVi, Newlyn School of Art Mentoring Programme: pop-up

XVI artists are a legacy group from Newlyn School of Art One Year Mentoring Programme. Since their launch show at the PZ Gallery in Penzance in 2019 they have continued to collaborate, and this two day pop-up show represents a chance to see how their work has developed in the last two years. Uniquely, all 12 of the artists will be in the gallery during the show, taking part in small group crits with their peers, and visitors will have the opportunity to share this experience and talk to the artists.

2nd - 3rd October 2021
Englishness is a Moving Target, Chris Alton

Chris Alton is an artist and curator, who grew up in Braunton, North Devon. His work addresses the interconnected nature of prevailing social, political, economic and environmental conditions. In 2012 he founded English Disco Lovers (EDL), an anti-facist, pro-disco group, which looked to reclaim the EDL acronym of the English Defence League. Other recent projects include a video essay on the trident as a cypher for colonial intent, and a typeface based on the silhouettes of migratory birds. Englishness is a Moving Target brings together a selection of old and new work produced over the last 9 years. 

Wide Chris Alton.jpg
27th August - 18th September 2021
Matter, Media and Energy, Ian Andrews

Media, Matter and Energy is part of Ian's The Sketchbook and the Collider series, developed in collaboration with Professor Nikolopoulos from the University of Birmingham particle physics group. Ian Andrews uses drawing to build equivalents between the visual forces inherent in the language of drawing and particle interactions explored within the field of particle physics. Both are elemental building blocks of these diverse specialisms that reveal a history of shared ideas on the nature of reality since the early 20th Century. Media, Matter and Energy is a new site-specific installation of large-scale drawings that explore the naturally occurring radioactive material that can be found in North Devon.

30th July - 21st August 2021
At Once and a Touch Away, Gabriela Giroletti
25th June - 24th July 2021

Gabriela Giroletti is a Brazilian-born painter living and working in London. Through her impasto painting style, Gabriela is developing a unique symbolic glossary, characterised by the constant tension between the pictorial and human presence - the imagined and the material. Existing somewhere between abstract and figurative, painting and drawing, micro and macro, body and nature, still life and landscape, simple and complex, her work performs a push and pull game between body and mind; making and thinking. At Once and a Touch Away showcases new large-scale paintings developed throughout 2020 and 2021. 

DSC_1806 smaller.jpg
5th - 18th June 2021

Following on from a successful show in December 2020, North Devon Arts group returns to Studio KIND. for their summer exhibition. North Devon Arts is a friendly and informal networking group of professional and amateur artists, including painters, sculptors, ceramicists, graphic designers, textile artists, printmakers and stained-glass artists. The summer exhibition will showcase work made during any of the three lockdowns throughout the pandemic. 

NDA summer looking in.jpg
POP-UP: SWARM, Braunton Academy 
27th May - 1st June 2021

SWARM showcases the incredible talents of Year 7 art students at Braunton Academy. Over the past few months they’ve been working on a project exploring the structure, importance and variety of insects. The exhibition will display 150 sculptures made from an eclectic array of materials, with every student in Year 7 contributing their work. This will be presented alongside a selection of 2D work that responds to these themes.

This was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later, Molly Rooke

Molly Rooke, a multi-disciplinary artist and educator living and working between Somerset and Devon, explores preservation and longing through collections of images and ephemera. This was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later showcases a new body of work exploring themes of preservation and restoration through coastal geography and heritage. Using traditional methods of domestic fixing and repair in an expended form, the work focuses on the degradation and erosion of the Somerset and Devon coastline, and what might be considered futile attempts to protect it from being eroded any further. 

DSC_1023 b&w.jpg
30th April - 22nd May 2021
12th March - 24th April 2021

Studio KIND. is excited to present the work of recent graduate and Braunton local, Niamh Birch. Upon completing her degree in Contemporary Arts Practice at Bath Spa in 2019, Niamh moved back to her hometown in North Devon. Inspired by story-telling and domestic settings, Niamh works predominantly with oil paint and pastels, portraying the imagery of everyday objects through impasto mark-making and bright, bold colours. Underpinned by a light-heartedness and humour, Niamh’s subject-matter nods towards still life and traditional symbolism, whilst also addressing our everyday associations through familial imagery.

Cathedral, Peter Stiles
15th January - 6th March 2021

Cathedral is a new solo exhibition of paintings by North Devon-based artist Peter Stiles. On leaving The Slade, Peter Stiles began to paint the landscape of North Devon and has continued to do so. His work is constructed using the layers of memory that have accrued around the places that he has painted so often. He composes pictures in order to convey emotion and a sense of grandeur and space.  


North Devon Arts is a friendly and informal networking group of professional and amateur artists, including painters, sculptors, ceramicists, graphic designers, textile artists, printmakers and stained-glass artists. NDA was set up in 1998 to enable artists, and those interested in the arts, to find a way to connect and develop across a large rural area, and the dispersed communities within it. 2020 is the theme of the North Devon Arts Christmas exhibition, giving members the chance to showcase work made during lockdown and in response to the challenges everyone has faced this year.

NDA black and white small.jpg
7th - 20th December 2020
2020, North Devon Arts Christmas exhibition