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The Unspeakable, by Kate Walters
25th February – 17th March 2023
Private view: Friday 24th February, 17:30-19:30
Open Wednesdays to Saturdays 12:30-17:30
Free entry



‘Trauma is the necessary encounter with an unavoidable catastrophe.’

(Jesse Selkin)


Kate Walters’ exhibition of watercolours and oil paintings, accompanied by sketchbooks and poetry, gather together works from the past twenty years as she has moved closer to, and away from, traumatic events in her life.


Kate has recently begun to focus on her inner child, supplying her with a number of sketchbooks in which she can explore, as Little Kate, many partially remembered events, and the pathways to healing that creativity and attention can bestow. These paintings explore the important roles of eros, bodily knowing, dreaming, animal protectors and shamanic knowing in penetrating the areas revealed by awareness brought through trauma.


The exhibition will also be accompanied by a new essay by Kate's friend and collaborator, Jesse Selkin.


‘Catastrophe is a word that comes from two ancient Greek words. The first, kata, means ‘down, downwards’ and the second strophe, ‘a turning’. A turning down, upside down, inside out, a reversal….(where/when)….all expected triumphant futures are destroyed.’ (Jesse Selkin)


Based in Cornwall, Kate trained in London, Brighton and Falmouth in Fine Art. Her paintings, films and drawings have been exhibited in Jerwood Drawing, Royal Academy, RWA, Discerning Eye, Newlyn Art Gallery and the Exchange. She has been represented by Arusha Gallery since 2014. Kate is fully trained in classical shamanism and she teaches workshops which explore the worlds of trauma and the numinous.


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Your long golden tongue pulls me into another dimension. Oil on linen. 80 x 90 cm. June 20
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