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Life-Drawing Sessions

Tuesday evening at life-drawing is a chance for beginners to professional artists to gather and spend the evening drawing and experimenting, whilst celebrating the human form. Each week we have a different life model, who will pose for a series of quick poses and one long pose at the end. There is a break in the middle for free tea, coffee and biscuits. Easels and boards are provided.


Please bring along your own drawing materials of choice and paper. We just ask that there is nothing toxic with strong fumes.

Our group welcomes anyone, wherever they are on their artistic journey - we all learn from each other.

Please note, this group is only open to people over 18.

North Devon Artist Networking Event

Thursday 20th June 2024
17:30 -20:00
Free, book your spot via Eventbrite 

This is an exciting opportunity for artists like yourself to connect, collaborate, and expand your creative network.

At our event, you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet fellow artists and creative professionals from various disciplines from across North Devon.

  • Participate in engaging and solution-focussed discussions that look at the challenges and opportunities facing artists working in North Devon.

  • Discover potential collaboration opportunities and build valuable connections.

  • Enjoy refreshments and light snacks in a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

Cornstore 1 32_edited.png

Hand-Crafted Jewellery with Ania Wawrzkowicz

Sunday 14th July 2024
10:00 -16:00
£50 via Eventbrite 

This workshop is an exciting opportunity to discover the old technique of lost wax casting in order to create beautiful bespoke pieces such as rings, pendants or any other small jewellery object. As a professional maker, Ania will guide you through the process so you can relax, get creative and enjoy the experience.

During the session, you will be carving your very own unique piece using jewellers’ wax, with a selection of specialised tools. Ania will talk you through the lost wax casting process, the qualities of different forms of wax, how to use the wax carving tools, and what can be achieved with the techniques specific to this form of jewellery making.


Hapa-Zome Tote Bags with Ellie Baddick 

Thursday 18th July 2024
18:00 -20:30
£20 via Eventbrite 

This workshop will guide you through the Japanese printmaking process Hapa-Zome (leaf dye), using natural pigments and hammering technique. Together through composition and colour play, this session encourages creative release in a laid back setting, leaving you with a new skill and custom tote bag to take away.

Open to all. No matter your skill level. 

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Painting and Music with Hester Berry and David Smale

Saturday 27th July 2024
19:00 -22:00
£20 via Eventbrite 

David Smale will present the evocative music of the Koto, a beautiful traditional Japanese instrument, accompanied by Hester Berry painting a landscape.


Hester's live painting will be projected onto a screen for the audience while David performs several pieces as well as talking about how he came to play the instrument, a brief background of the music, and the Japanese reverence for nature which comes across in their art. There will be opportunity for questions and discussion after the performance.


Woodcut Printing Masterclass with Merlyn Chesterman: Exploring the Process

Sunday 28th July 2024
10:00 -16:00
£85 via Eventbrite 

The focus of this session is to focus on learning the process from start to finish, and is open to people of all abilities – from beginners to experiences printmakers. Even beginners can expect to come away with beautiful prints from the workshop.


Merlyn Chesterman RE is a local printmaker; and has been a fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers, exhibiting around the

UK and internationally, and regular exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

cutting tree block (1).jpg

Art of Intuition with Ruth Bateman

Sunday 4th Aug 2024
10:00 -13:00
£40 via Eventbrite 

In this fun session you will explore what it means to find inspiration by working with non traditional subject matter; rethinking our approaches to traditional ways of working and expression… sometimes as artists we find we are uninspired or ‘stuck’ so this is a great session for challenging our mind-set of can’t and inject it with a bit of renewed enthusiasm for making art….it is not all about what we see!


Pastels on the Beach with Georgie Stewart

Tuesday 6th August 2024
10:00 -13:00
£20 via Eventbrite 

The session will be a mixture of sketching on location, learning pastel techniques and how to create impactful coastal illustrations that are full of energy and movement. Georgie will give all of her tips on colour choices, composition, depth of field, how to create sparkle on the water and hazy headlands in the distance. We’ll be using our observational skills to capture the weather and atmosphere of the landscape in which we find ourselves, looking at the beautiful patterns made by the sea washing over rocks on the beach.


Introduction to Suminagashi with George Rayner

Thursday 5th September 2024
18:00 -21:00
£30 via Eventbrite 

Join us for a journey into the ancient Japanese technique of paper marbling. Learn the delicate balance of ink and water, creating captivating and unique designs that seem to dance on water.

This workshop plan is designed to engage participants of all skill levels, offering a blend of instruction, hands-on practice, and creative exploration in the world of Suminagashi. Expect to go home with some beautiful Sumingashi works of art to gift to loved ones or display in your home.

No experience needed just bring your curiosity and creativity.


Paper collage still life with Ruth Bateman

Sunday 25th August 2024
10:00 -13:00
£40 via Eventbrite 

Enjoy a afternoon creating still life paper collages. Ruth will guide you throughout the session where she will provide a selection of still life arrangements including jugs, fruit and fabric for us to observe, choosing objects with simple basic shapes, pattern/texture and secondary colours.

The class will concentrate on the colour and patterns / textures of the objects, so that everyone can learn how to develop these using various materials, paper, paint, small brushes, sponges, bubble wrap, fingers etc. 


Cross-structure Binding and the Everlasting Fold Book workshop with Megan Stallworthy

Sunday 8th September 2024
10:30 -15:30
£50 via Eventbrite 

Make two contemporary book structures using handmade and pattern papers. Participants will learn how to fold and manipulate paper, stitch and glue using specialist bookbinding tools and materials, and will take away their own handmade books plus the skills to make more at home. All the tools and materials will be provided.

Megan is an experienced bookbinder and teacher. Find out more about her work at

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-27 at 18.00.42.jpeg

Hooked Rug Making with Rebecca Holley

Sunday 15th September 2024
10:00 -16:00
£50 via Eventbrite 

Produce  a unique hooked textile panel using reclaimed fabrics to your own design. Learn the traditional method of hooked rag rugging. Using your unwanted fabrics and clothing, create a small mat and the skills to make larger pieces for your home.



Hester Berry Masterclass: Landscape Oil Painting

Wednesday 25th September 2024
10:00 -14:30
£50via Eventbrite 

Hester Berry's practice is rooted in traditional representation and methods, but she constantly challenges her understanding of painting and explores ways paint can represent effects such as light, time, movement and climate. She uses marks as economically as possible, distilling the image / feeling / moment into what is necessary, so that through objective representation there is enough room for subjective interpretation. 

Braunton Burrows (22 x 30 cm) oil on board.jpg

Social Sessions

Makers Meet

Every Wednesday
13:00 - 15:00
Free (donation welcome)

Meet other makers at Studio KIND. every Wednesday 1-3pm, where you can bring your current arts and craft projects and make together. Makers of all types and abilities are welcome - it's about making together and being part of a creative community! 


Emerging Creatives of North Devon

Every second to last Saturday
of the month 
22nd June

15:00 - 17:00
Free (donation welcome)

Emerging Creatives of North Devon is a new peer support group of artists and creative professionals under the age of 30 who are living in North Devon. Perhaps you've returned from university, perhaps you've recently graduated from Petroc, perhaps you're just setting up your creative business, or recently registered as self employed. Meet other creatives in North Devon and share your experiences, support each other, exchange skills, collaborate, or just have a chat! These sessions will be headed up by our gallery assistant and local fine art photographer, George Rayner. For more information contact


Say What You See

Every first Thursday of our
curated exhibitions

12:00 - 13:00
Free (donation welcome)

'Say What You See' are new sessions lead by Sharon Gale, who will lead a fun, informal tour of our current exhibition talk about ways to look at contemporary art, and sharing our thoughts, feelings, and ask ourselves the question ‘But What Is it?’ There are no right or wrong answers when looking at art, all interpretations are valid! So come along, find out a bit about the artist and their work, and share your opinions. Sharon Gale is an artist and arts educator, and taught herself everything she knows about contemporary art. As a firm believer that art is for everyone, Sharon wants the gallery to be a non-judgmental and safe space to talk openly about what we’re looking at!


Photo Social

Every Second Saturday of the month
8th June
17:00 - 19:00
Free (donation welcome)

Finally an excuse to print out some of those fantastic images collecting dust in your hard drive. However, there's no pressure to bring anything – you're welcome to simply join in and support others. The social is a chance to connect with new faces, collaborate or simply share your interest in photography with others. This isn't a forum for harsh critique. Instead, it's a space where we uplift and encourage one another, fostering constructive and compassionate support for each other's creative endeavours and maybe just share an idea or two.  Everyone is welcome, and you're welcome to bring your tipple of choice. We look forward to seeing you there!

Photosocial _edited.jpg

ZestLab Adult Social Art Sessions


13th May 1 - 3pm

3rd June 1 - 3pm

 17th June 1 - 3pm

£11 per session via ZestLab

If you enjoy having a go and being creative, trying something new and meeting others, then these sessions are perfect for you. Sessions are running once a month with the first few focused on simple printing techniques. 


Sue, who is leading the sessions, is an experienced primary school teacher with a big passion for recreational art. No previous experience is needed for these sessions and it might be that this builds your confidence to have a go at a more technical sesison. 

In the sessions you will be able to try out different printing techniques and have a go at creating your own print to use as design for a card or put in a frame. 


Most importantly there will be a cup of tea and slice of cake! 

Visit our events page for more details and to sign up: or send an email to

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