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This Is Where I Leave You
 by Alison Lam

30th March - 27th April 2024

Private view: Friday 29th March (6-8pm)

Studio KIND. at The Corn Store, Barnstaple Pannier Market, EX31 1SY

Open Wednesdays to Saturdays 12:00-17:00

Alison Lam is a social practitioner, artist, educator, activist and mother. 


Alison Lam, a neurodiverse British-Chinese artist, explores the themes of difference, belonging, and inclusion through her work. Inspired by personal experiences with her two autistic sons, she uses art to bridge communication gaps and creates spaces that are supportive and accessible.


‘This Is Where I Leave You’ explores the Cantonese proverb ‘a ghost covers one’s eyes’ (鬼揞眼 Gwai2 Ngam2 Ngaan5) signifying the tendency to overlook hidden truths in life. The work investigates how neurodivergence and cross-cultural/cross-generational communication influence each other, particularly in the context of semiotics and the interplay between sign, signifier, and interpretation.


This new body of work aims to embrace and give peace and acceptance to those difficult moments, where communication breaks down. The power of words takes centre stage, offering an insight into a life that may be unfamiliar to many. By walking through this exhibition, Alison hopes to evoke moments of flux and change.


The exhibition includes an installation of 54 lotus flowers on mirrored plates, which reference the 108 feelings in Buddhist traditions and the lotus flower as a symbol of rebirth and purity in Eastern cultures. Made from paper and cast in wax, porcelain and bronze, reflected in the mirrored surfaces that signify before and after life, the collection of lotus flowers explores fragility and legacy. 

Alison often works alongside collaborator Wilson So, an East-Asian illustrator. Alison collects conversations and Wilson translates these into traditional Chinese calligraphy. The beauty of the written language is subverted against the honesty of the translated text. Viewers may have limited knowledge of reading calligraphy; this adds another barrier to understanding akin to the experiences of the neurodivergent.

On the opening night there will also be a performance by Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 called 'Inside Out, Outside In', a performative response to Alison’s exhibition. 


Alison will be running a series of workshops for people living with autism and their families/carers from 25th – 27th April. Please check our events and children's  tabs for more information. 

Having completed an MA in Fine Art and Social Practice at Middlesex University, Alison has been the resident artist at Lauderdale House (supported by Camden Disability Youth Services), and has delivered workshops with The Markfield Project, October Gallery, The British Library and with CRAE and UCL for the Wellcome Trust. Alison is also a guest lecturer for the MA in Inclusive Arts at Brighton University and Middlesex University, and in 2022 was awarded funding from Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice grants programme. 

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