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SPY-nul, Anna Boland
25th - 15th April 2023
Open: Wed-Sat 12:30-5:30pm
Private view: Friday 24th March, 5:30-7:30pm

Anna Boland is an interdisciplinary artist based in the South West of England. Influenced by dystopian fiction, notions of invisible environments and worlds, and post-pandemic existence, Anna's current work explores the potential of everyday air packaging to create sculptural works. The exhibition brings together research into biological forms, the air we breathe and Plato’s writing on the structure of elements feeds the work, as does the fascination of things we cannot see, and making the invisible visible.


During the pandemic Boland began to collect air packaging - she became fascinated by the properties of this everyday material; where this sealed air might have come from; was it clean air, COVID air? The nature of the sealed packaging brought up ideas of confinement and our own bubbles, what we breathe into our bodies, and what happens to this air.


This exhibition presents a new body of work that focuses on the internal body with a specific focus on the spine, muscle knots (which are pockets of trapped air), the vagus nerve and how it communicates with the rest of the body, and the electrical impulses that are unseen by the naked eye. The exhibition combines large-scale sculptures and projected media to create an immersive environment exploring the internal world. We know what's inside our bodies but what would it look like if we could truly see this hidden world?

Anna’s Recent exhibitions include Undercut, a BAS9 Fringe Exhibition at Under Plymouth, The Time Capsule Project at Brooklyn Art Library, 7 Seconds at Bath, That's What She Said at Stroud Film Festival. House/Home/Unhomely at The Fish Factory Cornwall, Silent Film at 44AD Artspace Bath, and Southwest Takeover at Exeter Phoenix. She is a recent recipient of a Moving Image Commission from Cine Sisters South West, and a Time, Space, Money, bursary from a-n.


The exhibition will be accompanied by a pop-up event in Barnstaple on Thursday 30th March, funded by the North Devon District Council as part of their Sparks funding programme. Anna will also be leading some FREE children's workshops at Studio KIND. during the Easter holidays. More information coming soon.

KARST was founded in 2012 by artists inspired by the British Art Show 7, who wanted to develop an artist-led space in Plymouth to produce and show the best international contemporary art. In 2022 KARST was one of the host venues for British Art Show 9. This exhibition continues the KARST x KIND. collaboration, an exciting relationship encouraging artistic collaboration across North Devon and Plymouth.

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